West Parry Sound O.P.P. Detachment

The new Community Safety and Policing Act, 2019 for the Province of Ontario came into effect April 1, 2024. The legislation requires Detachment Boards be established for all police service detachments in the Province. The West Parry Sound OPP Detachment provides police services to Carling Township, Henvey Inlet First Nation, Municipality of McDougall, McKellar Township, Town of Parry Sound, Seguin Township, The Archipelago Township and Municipality of Whitestone. A 12-member Board will be established for this detachment, consisting of:

One (1) member appointed by each of the following municipalities and First Nation, who is a member of the council of the municipality or band council of the First Nation, for a total of eight (8) members: 

  • Carling Township, 
  • Henvey Inlet First Nation, 
  • Municipality of McDougall, 
  • McKellar Township, 
  • Town of Parry Sound, 
  • Seguin Township, 
  • The Archipelago Township and 
  • Municipality of Whitestone.

Two (2) members jointly appointed by the above municipalities and First Nation who are neither members of the council or band council of, nor employees of, any of the municipalities or of the First Nation.

Two members appointed by the Minister.

Along with the legislated duties, the West Parry Sound OPP Detachment Board is considered a bridge between the community and the police. The board takes an active role in hearing community concerns and addressing them with the Detachment Commander or their designate.

Community Representatives

The member councils are recruiting two (2) community representatives for the OPP Detachment Board for the remaining term of Council (the end of the current term of Council is October 26, 2026). This position is an opportunity for a qualified resident to determine objectives and priorities for the West Parry Sound OPP Detachment to enhance the quality of life and ensure the safety and security of all persons and property in the community in keeping with the Minister of the Solicitor General’s Strategic Plan. 

The successful candidate shall be required to provide a clean criminal record check and complete mandatory provincial training prior to being eligible to serve.

Letters of interest, accompanied by a current (prepared within the past 12 months) criminal record check for the community representative appointments will be received by;

Lori West

Administrator, West Parry Sound OPP Detachment Board

5 Barager Blvd. McDougall ON P2A 2W9