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Vehicle Fleet

Station #1 - Nobel:

Tanker #1: 2008 Dependable/Plastisol, Freightliner M2 112, 3 person cab, 2250 lpm CET pump, 11,500 L tank

Pumper #1: 1993 Superior, Freightliner FL 80, 6 person cab, 5000 lpm Waterous pump, 4000 L booster tank


Rescue #1: 1999 Superior, Freightliner FL 60 Heavy Rescue, 5 person cab, contains, full set of heavy hydraulic Hurst Jaws of Life, low pressure high lift air bags, stabilization system, medical gear and DEFIB, rope rescue and ice water rescue gear


Squad #4: 2007 Chev, 5 person Quad Cab 4X4 truck, contains medical gear and pulls various response trailers

  • ATVRU: 2006 John Deere Buck EX 4X4, also equipped with full track system for winter operation, pulls an off-road utility trailer, used for wildland firefighting and off-road rescue


Station #2 - Waubamik: 

Tanker #2: 2002 Superior, Freightliner FL 80, 3 person cab, 5000 lpm Hale pump, 5400 L tank

Rescue #2: 2004 Dependable Light Rescue, Ford F450 4X4, 5 person cab, contains a set of Hurst Hydraulic Jaws of Life, stabilization system, medical equipment and DEFIB, rope rescue and ice water rescue gear

Pumper #2: 2012 Pierce Responder, International Navistar , 5 person cab, 5000 lpm Waterous pump, 5000 L booster tank

  • Fireboat: 1998 Crestliner 16ft Jonboat, with a 2008 Mercury 30 hp engine, boat equipped with a WICK forestry pump and hose, boat is used mainly for wildland firefighting access into inland and remote lakes and wilderness medical evacuations. 

  • ATVRU 2: 2012 Polaris 550 X2 with tracks, with rescue trailer and toboggan, used mainly for off-road and wilderness rescue and firefighting.