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Parks & Recreation


Notice: Beaches are open but the swim rafts and docks will not be connected until May 19 and water does not get turned on at Nobel Beach facility until May 19

Our Parks and Recreation department consists of mainly maintenance duties pertaining to green spaces, parks, waterfront parks, beaches, playgrounds, boat launches, recreational parks, a community center, and several community cemeteries. The community center is available for a small fee to groups and organizations that want to hold fundraising events, hold meetings or to offer different recreational programs ie. exercise, art classes etc. The municipality also assists with various resources to support the annual Victoria Day Fireworks and the Caverhill Run events. Our residents access or use different social services, programs and recreation events put on by area wide service groups to which the municipality offers different amounts of support, this includes such items as free library services at the Town Library, Art in the Park, Festival of Sound, Rach Ball Tournament, Town of Parry Sound Museum, etc.

Self recreation at our various facilities is promoted as a healthy lifestyle choice. Our parks are open on a daily basis from 7:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m.